Remote Digital Library Work Discussion Notes 08/20/2020

Discussion prompts:

  • How is everyone doing?
  • Conscious editing workshop coming soon!
  • What are your focus areas/priorities for digitization?
  • Frequency and continuation of discussions?


  • Conscious editing training series planning is going well. Keep an eye out for announcements soon. First session will be in October.
  • Many organizations are preparing for reopening and there are concerns about what that will look like and how to prioritize if they return to remote learning this fall. 
  • Budget cuts are on the horizon, but organizations are working to avoid cutting employee positions and hours.
  • UM recently conducted a migration from Archon to Access to Memory (AtoM). During the migration they considered what to do with a separate instance of Archon which hosts finding aids for the Collaborative Archive of the African Diaspora (CAAD). IT consists of about a half a dozen South Floridian African American historical organizations. They have decided to move the finding aids to Access to Memory and the finding aids will be made available alongside existing UM finding aids. There has been increased interest and engagement over the last six months to add to and update the finding aids in this system. Many have been working on further fleshing out of finding aids. Broward County Library branch, Virginia Key Beach, a formerly segregated beach in the keys, are some of the organizations involved in the collaborative
  • FSU rethinking patron driven digitization. Try to move it out of the digital studio and move it to reference services. Making the reproduction workflow more user friendly to make judgement calls for what goes into the digital library and what gets scanned just for the patron at the time based on collection priorities and patron needs.
  • FSU priorities around scanning for remote instruction this fall. There will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous special collections instruction. The current instruction classroom is not good for social distancing so some live remote instruction will utilize document cameras so that students can still get a similar experience to handling the materials. Link to document cameras
  • Documentation for those getting started on digitization to reference:
  • Discussions will move to monthly sessions starting in September. We will assess if the conversations still need to focus on remote work or move to more general topics depending on how this fall goes for everyone.

Next discussion will take place Thursday, September 2 at 1pm ET. You can register here:

View notes from our previous conversations in our news section:

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