Remote Digital Library Work Discussion Notes 05/28/2020

Discussion Points:

  • Check in, how is everyone doing?
  • Discussion centered around goal setting


  • Institutions have been pushing return dates back. Some have been moved to later in June and others have moved to the end of summer. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how the fall will work.
  • Many are nervous and anticipating more information for administrators. Some have not heard anything from administration.
  • A few attendees now have access to spaces and are working to digitize as many items as possible to prepare for fall instruction or in anticipation of another stay at home order in the fall. 
  • Many are planning for another stay at home order and feel more prepared now that we have experienced this in the Spring. We know what our processes should look like and can be more prepared for it in the future.
  • None are currently open to the public yet and are handling reference requests through email and virtual chat.
  • Prioritizing items for digitization is what most people are working on and many are in the planning stages of the work.
  • Show ourselves some kindness and to others about what we’re capable of right now. We don’t need to be as productive as we are normally. Slower connections and other obstacles are going to present challenges and that’s okay. Allow us to forgive ourselves.
  • It can be challenging during this time of uncertainty to think about setting goals. Things are changing so frequently it can be difficult to set priorities.
  • Some attendees are coping with the current situation with thinking about the present and what needs to get done now.
  • It is good to think about goal setting daily. Pick one or more things that you want to accomplish that day before the end of the day. It helps make progress feel more tangible and improves a sense of accomplishment.
  • Try framing goals in the sense of how the work you are doing is helping to accomplish the larger goals of preservation, access, discoverability, and delivery of materials.
  • A reminder that all of our current and previous work is shining right now. The need for free, accessible online resources is higher than ever. We have been working toward this for years and it is paying. You should be proud of the work we have all done and how it is benefiting our users more than ever.
  • Some Goal Setting Resources:
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