Checking In With Our Community

It has been quite a month for us! I wanted to check-in with everyone to see how you are doing during this challenging time. We have all had to make many professional and personal adjustments over the last several weeks and continually changing policies have made these adjustments all the more stressful.

It was a pleasure to be able to have a great discussion with many of you last week about our new remote work realities. I wanted to reiterate that I, and the network, are here for you during this time if you need anything. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at, even if it is just to have a quick chat or to bounce ideas off of someone.

We will be having another open discussion session this coming Thursday, April 16 at 1pm. This is a time to bring questions, challenges, concerns, ideas, and especially to commiserate with colleagues. We are all isolated and we want to help create a place for us to experience community, even in this small way.

Notes from last week’s discussion:

Registration for upcoming discussion sessions:

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